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Makin' Music

2011-08-27 19:20:47 by Raguna163

I've decided to try my hand at making music. I've submitted an industrial track that needs to be approved before it's posted. I had fun making the track, especially when it started comming together.


2008-03-10 12:16:12 by Raguna163

I need to make a post so i decides for a music search :D
if your a great music artist or need a good vote i like the following music genres:Latin, General Rock, Dance, Trance and Techno either PM me of comment here.(it can be any genre, just make sure it's good :D)
well ... i guess that's it for now, rock on! :D
EDIT: i think i wasn't clear lol i mean on newgrounds tell me the name or ID number :D